A bit of digital history.

This Is My Story 

My passion for creating all started with Lego when I was young. Those simple plastic bricks coupled with the amazing world around me fuelled my passion until I got my first video camera. Ever since then I’ve had bigger and bigger dreams for documenting life. The greatest highlight of my uni days was the Nordlys documentary which I was privileged to be a part of. Going to Norway to film the Northern Light as a student broke some boundaries, not just with the uni but also with equipment (we took Sony’s flagship EX3 further than it had gone before). Ultimately I want to continue to push the boundaries of story telling through film making. Anything is possible if you’re determined enough and go with God.


Filming and Editing are my main creative drives.  Couple that with my passion for stories and you get Bluestack Media. Looking to expand not only how stories are told but also making story tellers more accessible with book publishing, VR and documentary film making.

FACT: I still officially have the UK’s worst hairstyle.  I won the national competition back in 2003 on Comic Relief and no one has challenged me since! Don’t believe me? Check out this: bit.ly/worsthair

Qualifications & Experience

4K Filming & Editing

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With over 10 years experience creating videos and online content for small businesses and charities. Now utilising the latest in video technology to produce stunning HD and 4K videos incorporating aerial imagery to benefit your business.

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Qualified CAA & IAA Drone Pilot

Austin Blaylock filming bts - Bluestack Media

Completed Groundschool Training with Flyby Technology and gained Permissions for Commercial Operations from the CAA.

Also completed  Irish National SUA Course and gained Specific Operating Permissions from the IAA.

I have over 4 years experience using drones for both video and photography and am fully insured for commercial work. Check out the showreel here: https://vimeo.com/170238658