Jamie Barrow, St Moritz – Aerial Cinematography

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Jaimie Barrow - St.Moritz

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Someone tagged me in a Facebook post of someone asking if anyone wanted an all expenses paid trip to Switzerland with one caveat - they needed to be a qualified drone pilot.

How could I say no? Well I was really hesitant, even after messaging Jamie Barrow (the guy that made the original post) and him being keen to use me. I honestly didn't think I was good enough for such a project especially after looking at the profiles of the other filmmakers attached to the trip.

Landing in Switzerland and jumping straight into a Maserati SUV to drive for 2 hours was incredible, and set the tone for the rest of the trip.

Glacier Video - Turns out glaciers are mahoosive!

Complete video for Jamie Barrow's YouTube. Check out his vlog the rest of my drone work.


Going with one responsibility, aerial video, gave me great flexibility to get comfortable filming in a new environment. This trip took us up and down mountains using Via Ferrata, Lifts, Mountain Bikes and Paragliders.

Most of the aerial work was possible because of the relationship Jamie had built up with the Engadin Airport. Couple that with Switzerland's drone rules and it meant I could fly and film some amazing footage in vast locations.

Thanks to Jamie Barrow for the opportunity and believing in my skills.