Light L16

Austin BlaylockFresh Pixels

This is not a product review of the Light L16, there are plenty of great sites out there that do that.  I simply look at newly available technology and whether it’s worth getting!

So you like new technology and love taking pictures, well the L16 from Light could be right up your street.  It utilises 1o out of it’s 16 lenses in combination to get pictures that can be manipulated easily in post.  You might be wondering what makes this different from Lytro’s take on a similar concept, surely they did this first?  The main difference between the two are the way they utilise their software to their hardware.

The Lytro Illum is about the size of a mid range DSLR and photos can be edited after, changing focus using software on your computer.  You can also create ‘living photos’ (you can see examples on the Lytro site).   The L16 creates a 52mp image and is Android powered, the main thing it has over the Illum is its size.  The L16 is basically like a large, chunky phone.  There are no lenses sticking out, no eye-pieces or dials just the front, a 5 inch touchscreen and a button to snap away.  The tech inside such a small footprint is already impressive, then you add on top the software, what you can do with photos, how easily you can upload and share make the L16 a massive contender in the camera industry.


One problem.

It’s not out yet! Pre-orders have filled up and no more will be taken until the first batch is sent out to customers, next spring? Who knows! What I do know is that when this camera hits the market, if it really does live up the hype with both picture and video quality, a lot of people will buy the L16 over similar priced DSLRs.

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