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Discovering great food is one thing, finding out it's your neighbour that grew it and cooked it is another. I live in rural Ireland and knowing your neighbours is part of everyday life. There is a great sense of community here, everyone always asks how you're getting on and how family life is.

So it was a great surprise when I came across a food van at my local farmers co-op, to see my neighbour cooking and serving food. Of course I had to sample some, and it left my speechless. The food wasn't your typical burger van offering but rivalled meals I've had in restaurants.

The kicker, the icing, the cherry on top came when he told me this was his produce, the burger was beef from his farm. All the other ingredients were sourced as locally as possible using Irish brands. The burger was well put together and the hand cut chips dance on your tongue, mainly from the heat but it's hard to resist something packed with that much flavour.

As we got to know each other it became apparent his business needed a bigger presence online to grow. He had no website, no advertising just a Facebook page he managed. 

One video of many used as part of a targeted Facebook campaign.

Website Header video - Autoplays at the top of a site with no sound. 

The Project

Starting from scratch with a new client is a nice place to start. There is a nice amount of freedom to be creative, and few restrictions. Our initial meeting laid out the task at hand, to grow the business using a strong digital presence and an online ordering system. From there I started building up a content library of photos and videos that could be used on social.

Brand design. I had some fun with this (I love a bit of font hunting), gleaning the interwebs for inspiration, crafting ideas into reality is why I enjoy my job. The website was developed in Wordpress and launched November 2020.

Eventually users will be able to order takeaways through the site with a payment gateway. Links to everything can be found below.