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Gear Used

This was a bit of a last minute project.  We didn’t have much time to find locations for both the ground and aerial work. Thankfully Spitfire UAV was on hand to organise the aerial shots. There also wasn’t a lot of time where both myself and Kate were free to film, thankfully we didn’t need long. The total shoot time with Kate was around 2 hours, the pickups took around an hour around York. The aerial shots took around 1.5 hours with all the on site prep work that goes along with it.

Filming in a public park is always a challenge as you don’t know how people will react to someone being filmed. Most people ignored us but a couple of children kept trying to run behind Kate, jumping around and making noise, luckily Kate slipped up a couple of times and we had to retake anyway. The biggest challenge for me was making sure she was in focus whilst I walked backwards, the combination of the $50 follow focus and the options on the Ninja helped me to keep focus (most of the time).

The video is part of a series done by participants of Merit 360, a program run by World Merit to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For more details click this link.

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