Royalty Free Music

Austin BlaylockGear


Why Paying for Music is Important.

We’ve all been there at some point, we’ve illegally ripped music from a website or friends CD collections or iPods. Unfortunately thats led us to believe that we don’t need to pay royalties for music/photos/videos we see online. Ever get a notice appear on a YouTube upload saying some content won’t play in certain regions? That’s becuase the music has copyright on it.

I started out making videos a while ago, and using popular tracks that everyone were familiar with, seemed ok. It was only when I understood how much time, effort and personal cost to artists goes into any creative content that I decided to start only using music I had paid for.

I started to look for services that were affordable and had great content for me to use. I used Vimeo’s Musicstore for a while (it no longer exists!), CC licensed tunes from Soundcloud, the Free Music Archive, Smartsound and Premium Beat.

These services all have something going fro them, the one I started to use the most was Premium Beat. Thats mainly because of how cheap (I thought) it was per track and what you got with it: full track, shorter edits and loop sets. This meant having loads of creative control and speed over editing and publishing videos. But if you do a lot of personal projects, or you’re on a budget then the Art List service is a must.

For £155-ish you get access to the entire, constantly growing library of music. That’s more than a bargain, it basically feels like theft. The license agreement is fantastic, you can download the entire collection of available tracks for the £155 you’ve paid…then cancel your subscription. I’m not advising you to do that because they are constantly adding more music so you’ll be missing out but mainly because their service is worth paying for.

At some point in life you realise that you can get the best out of something if you pay for it. Just like paying for a good web designer, wedding photographer or graphic designer.

If you don’t beleive me then trust the judgement of Ryan from Film Riot!

The Good

  • High quality music library
  • Access to the entire collection for $199/year
  • Constantly being updated
  • You can opt out at any time

The Bad

  • Not as extensive as other services
  • No loops or edited versions

The Cost

I signed up without hesitating.  For £155 ($199) you can’t really go wrong! Thats about 4 songs on Premium Beat, where as you can download the entire Art-List library if you wish.

I am not affiliated with Art List, they don’t pay me or give me discounts on their service.  I just do this for fun and to keep people informed.