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Story Driven Video

Building your brand story, creating content for multiple platforms and uses, Bluestack Media is the production company to partner with. Whether you need video for social feeds, your website or store displays, creating engaging videos is what we do.

Remote Editing

Have 1000s of clips but not sure what to do with them? Had videos commissioned but weren't happy with the outcome? Bluestack Media specialises in edit or re-edit projects, no matter where you are globally.

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Video Conference Training

Need your Zooms to look more professional? Worried you'll activate the cat filter? Improve the quality of your video calls - sound, lighting, image and receive live, technical feedback during 1-2-1 sessions.

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Adverts & Explainers

Your business has many video content needs and Bluestack Media can take care of everything. From profile and service videos to product promotions and video reviews.

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