Sony A6500

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Sony A6500 and Lens
Sony A6500 rear

The Sony A6500

When I first saw the A6300 last year, and its specs and everything it has in it’s tiny package I decided to start saving up for it. By the time I had some money other life things got in the way, like cars…2 of them. My plan was to have the A6300 as a B Cam. Then Sony released the A6500.

Firstly a bit about kit. For whatever reason you’re reading this because you want to know if you should buy this camera. That means you’re a photographer or you make videos. A lot of people will tell you that kit doesn’t really matter it’s how you use it to tell a story. That’s true but it’s also if you don’t have a lot of money and you want something you can use as much as possible then kit does matter.

I had a Canon 5D3 as my main shooter for everything, video and photography. I’ve done all kinds of projects with it, all the photography on my portfolio page were taken with it. I liked the 5D3, it’s robust, it feels good to hold, Canon have a great series of lenses, it’s full frame etc but it has it’s drawbacks.

Now the A6500. I make videos, as much as possible that’s what I want to do as a career. To do that I need a camera. Everything I have made until now with a DSLR has needed manual focus. That was the biggest feature on the Sony, that and 4K. The focus on the 6500 is amazing, it makes gimbal and event work a breeze. Having the camera on a shoulder rig and being able to tap the screen to focus is amazing, it’s fast and accurate.

I haven’t had the camera very long and I love it. The fact it’s small enough to fit in my messenger bag easily, with my iPad Mini means I can leverage one of the 6500s best features, connectivity: Wifi + Bluetooth. I can download RAW pics to my iPad, edit them in Lightroom and upload them wherever I am. This will mean a lot less for me to take on my Ireland trips!

The photo quality is great even though it isn’t full frame and I only have 2 lenses with it so far. The 28-135mm Sony f4 Cine lens and the Sigma 60mm f2.8 Art lens. Yes the cine lens looks like total overkill on the 6500 body but it is so versatile. The body is APS-C but the video you get is in Super 35mm and it’s beautiful for such a small camera.

I will update this post with some personal projects as soon as I get them finished! All the details for the camera can be found on their site.

The Good

  • 4K video from 6K
  • Amazing Autofocus
  • Small
  • Stabilised sensor
  • 11 fps stills
  • Wifi + Bluetooth + NFC

The Bad

  • Need lots of batteries
  • Expensive + limited native lens selction
  • No flippy outty screen
  • Rolling shutter
  • Can overheat with long uses

The Cost

I got mine for £1300…it’s now cheaper from Amazon UK and then lenses and accessories on top.

It might seem expensive compared with other DSLR setups but everything has compromises.

Get an adapter and the lens catalogue becomes almost endless!

I am not affiliated with Sony, they don’t pay me or give me products to test.  I just do this for fun and to keep people informed.