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Brand new website from scratch.

Supply-It Site Services Ltd commissioned Bluestack Digital to create a brand new website from scratch with no previous content to go from. The site had to be about one thing, get the potential customer to contact the Supply-It team. The site uses several different options for people to use, an online chat window accessed at the bottom of any window. The business number is at the top of every page and clickable on mobile devices. There are also enquiry forms on every page linked to specific services on offer.

Collating all their services into a shop style enquiry meant creating a custom process so the clients needs could be easily met by the staff. Frontend simplicity and efficiency were key in order for the staff to quickly deal with an enquiry. The backend uses several different methods linked together in order to achieve this.

DJI OSMO Nanuk Case
DJI OSMO Nanuk Case

Overall Supply-It was happy with the end result and are currently employing us to undertake their marketing to further the reach of the new website.

If you have any similar projects you wish to undertake but don’t know where to start, please feel free to contact using the Contact page or the online chat below.