The Blue Peter Ship – Part 1

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The Blue Peter Ship

As Blue Peter turns 60 in 2018, follow the
restoration of the iconic ship sculpture.  

Part 1



The Blue Peter Ship sculpture was commissioned by the BBC in 1999 after they discovered artist Steve Blaylock's 'Real Millenium Bug' sculptures on Calendar News.

The ship was built in Harrogate, comprising of a Sheffield stainless steel hull with aluminium sails. It turned out a little larger than expected but the BBC were happy, and Connie Huq did the reveal live on Blue Peter.

The sculpture remained in the garden at the old BBC Television Centre in London until 2008. It wads then given new sails by the artist and toured a few exhibitions (including the Chelsea Flower Show) before being reinstalled in the garden.


The video, 'An Artists Trail' was made in 2008 and looks at the original commission of the ship by the BBC and it's part restoration.


In 2009 it was then moved to Salford Keys in Manchester, where it was installed in the new Blue Peter garden at Media City.

It remained there until it was removed in April due to damage, to be repaired by the original artist.

The ship is now being rebuilt to a stronger, public proof spec so it can out last the previous incarnation. Stay tuned for a video soon!