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The Cameo Swivel - Review

Cameo Swivel Mount
Sony A6500 with the Andycine monitor and the Cameo Swivel

The best camera rig accessory you'll ever buy.

I'm not sure your experience but I have found that every camera setup I have is always missing something vital. Whether it's a camera needing an external monitor or an extension arm thats just the right length, or having enough cold shoe mounts.

My new setup, a Sony A6500 with the Andycine 5 inch monitor needed a good mount setup, something practical and usable in any situation be it run and gun, vlogging or in a studio.

Cameo Swivel and Andycine monitor

Any external monitor has to be mounted to something, on any rig. Like with any problem I face the approach is easy, start with purpose: what do I need it to do? I needed my monitor to move like the ones you get on Canon cameras. I googled so many different things, spent a couple of hours trying to think of the word I needed until I remembered what I needed it to do - swivel.

I came across 2 friction mounts I liked the look of but they didn't turn 360. The SmallRig Friction Mount is cheap but it only tilts. The Xtender 210 looked like it would be the biscuit but it's only available in the US so it would cost $224 (£168ish) including shipping plus waiting for it (I'm reasonably impatient). The other thing that put me off was it's size, it seemed bulky for my purposes and I didn't want to pay for it only to send it back.

Then I found the Cameo Swivel by Abel Cine. It's small, articulates 360 and tilts, everything I need it to be. Then I saw the price: £148. That put me off initially but it was something I new I needed. As soon as I tore it from the box and attached it to my monitor I knew I would need nothing else...except maybe another one.

Should you buy the Cameo Swivel? Yes. It might seem expensive but you'll never look back, the only thing you'll be thinking is when you'll buy the next one!

The Good

  • Well built
  • Compact
  • Effortless friction action
  • Does exactly what you want it to
  • Nothing to tighten up!

The Bad

  • Pricey (but worth it!)
  • Makes you want another
  • Limited stockists in the UK.

The Cost

Cameo Swivel purchased from CVP for £148 (including VAT) and free delivery.

I am not affiliated with CVP or Cameo, they don't pay me or give me products to test.
I just do this for fun and to keep people informed.